About Us

Neferlogne is a brand with a passion for scent. We select only premium raw materials from around the world to extract the essence of various fragrances. Our primary mission is to elevate the products of a Thai brand to be famous and have the same quality as global brands. We work with leading perfumers and the world's number one perfumery factory certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to deliver the best products for our users. At the same time, we give happiness, a relaxing atmosphere, and products that can use for every occasion in daily life.

Moreover, product safety and quality are also one of our top priorities. Every product is tested for safety in use and uses 100% natural extracts, whether it's scented candles, perfumes, or other products in the upcoming future. We also have an innovation called Scent Defusion Innovation to apply to our entire product line, creating a touch of fragrance that lasts for more than 12 hours and provides the best experience for customers at every touchpoint.

We are attentive to the preferences and personal styles of each person. Therefore, we provide special services for customizing names or images on our product. Our product customization supports up to four languages and in various formats to accommodate and meet the needs of everyone.