7 popular female perfume scents Create a seductive charm in your own style

There are many women's fragrances to choose from nowadays. But I believe that many people still do not know which scent to choose for themselves. After using it, whoever is near will be impressed. Therefore, it is recommended to get to know 7 popular women's fragrances. Each scent has to admit that it has a seductive charm that is truly its own style.


Guaranteed 7 popular women's perfume scents Make your own charm


1. Lemon scent

It is a fragrance for women that is very popular, especially for women with a sour look because it can attract the attention of people around you as well. Spray and feel the brightness and cheerfulness, it will give you an enthusiastic look and ready for the new day. Stay active and feel refreshed in your own way.


2. Bergamot scent (bergamot)

Next comes the bergamot women's perfume. The scent of bergamot that helps women feel refreshed, relaxed, blended with warmth in a familiar way. The pinnacle of independence express oneself Indicates the freedom that can be obtained from medicinal plants. Anyone who has tried will love it.


3. Mandarin Orange Scent

A feminine fragrance like mandarin orange that is ready to brighten, can create happiness that helps to awaken the freshness in the girls to come out and increase the bustling. With a touch of aroma that is sour, mixed with sweetness perfectly ready for the body to stimulate serotonin, a substance of happiness bright-hearted ready to overcome all obstacles.


4. Acacia flower scent

Who likes the smell of sweet and delicate perfume. or a sweet cherish, must not miss to choose this perfume which consists the scent of acacia. It is a flower that is grown in Japan, having a sweet and fairytale princess look that whoever walks past must have a glance, fragrant, seductive, charming, enchanting.


5. Vanilla scent

is no denying the fact that vanilla is one of the most popular women's fragrances. With a sweet scent, you can feel the fragrance that is deep and soft. help create a feeling and the image of being a sweet girl but hides the fun playful in itself too. Moreover, I also feel that I am a person who is caring, warm and helps to relax in both the injecting person and the people around me.


6. Cedar Wood Scent


It is a very delicate feminine fragrance. Feel the purity that is given like a fragrant wood that gives peace which adds a lot of freshness It comes with comfort and stress reduction, which is extracted directly from the Egyptian cedar wood. Nowadays, it has been accepted to mix with other scents to add a lot of uniqueness to themselves. Especially the fixative substances that make the perfume last longer than before.


7. Peach scent


Lastly, it's a peachy feminine perfume. The combination of floral and fruity scents are interesting. When sprayed, it will help balancing the body to relax and feel more comfortable freshen up ready to welcome the new day. A gentle fragrance that invites people around you to be fascinated. There are also some formulas that have a long-lasting fragrance. It adds charm all day long.

Each fragrance note give a different identity.


What is undeniable since they are all very attractive. Try to buy and use one that suit ourselves. It is advisable to choose from a reliable source with a valid trade registration number. It is also important to maintain the best for effective use. This way, no matter what point you walk through, you will be more confident than ever and also create a good feeling for the people waiting beside them.