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6 types of popular fragrances The most commonly used in 2022

The young men and women will choose to use a bottle of perfume. It is necessary to know the type of perfume scent first. in order to be used for the intended purpose And can indicate your identity or taste as well. which currently has a variety of fragrances various types to meet the needs of the user group as much as possible It has a type 'Popular fragrance' that most people tend to pick up and use often. and can often be found in daily life So today we are going to introduce 6 types of popular fragrances. Which are picked up and used most often in 2022, what is there? Let's follow together.


6 types of popular fragrances in 2022


1.  The smell of spices (Oriental/Amber)

Oriental or Amber scents are spiced, warm to intense. Which smells from various spices such as vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, etc. This type of popular perfume scent It will have a long lasting smell. If it's a man's perfume The scent will go in a spicy style (Spicy) with a sweet, seductive taste. Let the women turn abruptly As for women's fragrances, they focus on the scent. Vanilla and cinnamon essentially add a touch of luxury. More dimension. The Oriental scent will be mixed with other scents such as Floral, Fruity, etc. to avoid the smell of too pungent spice. Therefore, it must be mixed with sweetness or floral scents. As a result, the smell is mellow. And fit even more


2.  Sweet and sour smell (Citrus)

Citrus is a fresh, bright scent, usually from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, which are not too sweet. because there is sourness coming in to cut make it more charming to find by if men use will add charm Look neat and have a little gentlemanly. As for women, if used, it will be more attractive to find. Originally, Citrus fragrances are simple, inviting you to look a little sexy, which men and women Suitable for all occasions, day and night.


3.  Fresh scent (Aquatic)

Aquatic scent is a little difficult to define. Because it is a scent that the smeller will feel fresh and clean, which can immediately imagine in the head that right by the beach by the sea on a casual day, etc. It is a popular fragrance that men often choose to use. Makes it look like a fun person, easy to approach and secretly looks luxurious as well. In addition, Aquatic fragrance will add a scent like Woody, Floral to add a perfect balance, both fresh and slightly sweet. Suitable for use on relaxing days


4.  Sweet fruity scent (Fruity)

For the smell of fruit or Fruity is a popular fragrance among women. because it is so sweet and fragrant that men must look back Depending on the raw materials chosen as perfumes such as apples, peaches, plums, cherries, etc. In addition, fruity scents must be combined with other scents. To add charm like Floral or Woody scents, as well as add freshness, not too sweet. Suitable for use on a romantic date. or travel


5.  Floral scent

Floral scent is a popular scent that is very popular and used a lot. And is one of the most versatile fragrances. With familiar floral scents such as jasmine, rose, lily, carnation, etc. Floral scent has a soft floral scent. making it more complex and more dimensional Most of them are mixed with fruity scents to mix sweetness and gentleness. Men can use it. will make a romantic feeling hidden in the fragrance of the flowers itself


6.  The smell of trees (Woody)

Woody or woody scents are classified as complex scents. It smells like citrus and floral scents which are sweet. slightly sour along with a faint woody scent added at the end making it a very dimensional fragrance And usually in the perfume type Niche Perfume, the most popular perfume that people choose to use is probably the brand NEFERLOGNE because it is a unisex fragrance that can be used by both men and women. which gives a refreshing scent from lemon and a slightly sweet scent of bergamot along with the smell of flowers to blend perfectly Suitable for all occasions, day and night.


For popular fragrances that we have given examples It is a fragrance that can be found everywhere. which tend to smell each other often in perfume shops However, you can choose your favorite perfume scent. and choose to suit your style. However, knowing the fragrance type may not provide enough information to make a choice. You need to try the fragrance yourself. to get good perfume Quality and popular fragrances can be selected as desired as well.