How to check whether Real or fake perfume?

Recommended for how to check whether Real or fake perfume? How should I check?

At present, perfume is desired by many people. Because it can help to have a clean, sweet smell and attract the attention of the opposite sex as well. Which makes perfume have many sales channels As a result, there are both authentic perfumes. and counterfeit perfumes mixed in the market In addition, it is difficult to verify which one is real and which one is fake. Therefore, let's introduce a way to check 100% authentic perfume, how should you look? Let's follow together.

How does a real perfume look?

For observing 100% authentic perfumes, it can be used for both male and female fragrances. Which today we will introduce a basic way to check for genuine perfume. For newbies, let's take a look together.


1.  Perfume box or Packaging

that you buy authentic perfume There should be a perfume storage box or packaging, which must be of good quality. no scratch and must not have a seam removed along with the need to have plastic wrapped in the box Including the point where the plastic is sealed, there must be no glue residue left, it can be said that the box must have quality work. to create credibility with authentic perfumes But many people have doubts. If you buy at a department store that is a Counter Band, but do not come with a perfume box Actually, it's not fake at all. But there may be incidents from perfume factories that exceed the number. which can be confident that buying at department stores and being a Counter Band is not worried that it is fake I can guarantee that It's definitely 100% real perfume.

2.  Characteristics of printing and materials inside the box


If the perfume is genuine, you will get a packaging box that looks quality. And the characters will have a clear quality, including the characters can be read clearly. And there must be no faint or blurred lines, with a Barcode Number on the box to verify that the numbers match the perfume or not. In addition, the paper box that encapsulates the perfume inside the box It needs to be good quality paper, strong and anti-shock. so as not to damage the perfume If you come across a strange thing like The letters on the box are faded. or the lines of letters are not beautiful and the paper inside the box is flexible does not protect the perfume firmly It can be assumed that That is definitely a fake perfume.


3.  Color and smell of perfume

The quality of a perfume doesn't need any A or AA grade references, if there is a reference to that grade, it's a fake. In addition, the color and smell of perfume If it's genuine perfume, there won't be many dyes in the product. When sprayed onto the skin, it doesn't leave a stain. and the color of the perfume is not too dark In addition, real perfume has a long lasting fragrance. Including scents that can change into many tones such as Top Notes/Middle Notes/Base Notes, which we will explain to you about the tone of the original perfume at the same time as follows.


Top Notes

Perfume smell that we can feel the first smell immediately. And gradually fade within 10 minutes, most of them will smell Aromatic, Citrus such as bergamot, lemon, lavender, etc. and will enter the Middle Notes tone, which is the heart of the fragrance.


Middle Notes

It is the foundation of every bottle of authentic perfume. by being the center of the fragrance Which will smell for about 20-60 minutes and most will smell sweet from Floral, Fruity, Spices to add mellowness. make you feel comfortable and refreshed not too sweet


Base Notes

Base Notes appear only when the Middle Notes tone fades away, which Base Notes form the final layer of the perfume. and the scent lasts for several hours at most There's a distinct scent that kicks one's nose: Woody, with notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and musk. which adds even more dimension to the smell


4.  Notice the bottle cap and bottle body.

The real perfume will design the bottle cap to have the most perfect proportions. It is obvious that the brand's Logo must be in the middle. As for fake perfume, there is no fixed proportion. Not even a slight fit Personally, genuine perfume bottles are produced with high quality materials. Both the design and the design of the bottle are beautiful. can be observed along the corner of the bottle no distortion and flawless As for fake perfumes, there are often flaws. and the curves are clearly visible


5.  Amount of perfume

If you happen to buy real perfume But you foresaw that The perfume in the bottle is not full, which is actually 100% authentic and authentic perfume because the real one will not fill the full bottle of perfume. with air bubbles inside related to pressure make use in the first time Need to press the perfume several times. But if there is a full bottle of perfume You can assume it's a fake. because it does not put on the quality of perfume and the safety of users.


For observing authentic perfumes You can check and review fragrances for every product. Including being able to be used with Niche Perfume types such as NEFERLOGNE and others as well, so today you know that perfumes that are sold online, in department stores. How to check whether the perfume is real or fake? so that you get the authentic perfume that meets your needs as much as possible In addition, it can save and keep costs without having to buy again.