7 techniques to use perfume that lasts Make the scent last longer than ever

Ever or not? Even if you use a perfume that is guaranteed to be a long-lasting perfume But in the end it was still light during the day. Perhaps one cannot blame the quality of the perfume alone. Because there may be wrong behaviors that you are doing without realizing it. Therefore, to make the use of perfume products lasting, the smell lasts for a long time. It is therefore important to study how to use the application that meets the needs.


Open 7 great tricks. Use long lasting perfume to make the smell last long.

1. After spraying, Do not rub.

I believe that many people after spraying the perfume, use the other hand to rub again because they think that it will help the smell spread the fragrance out and stay with it for a long time. However, the more your hands touch the perfume, the more quickly the scent disappears. No matter how long the perfume lasts the smell will disappear quickly anyway.


2. Focus on spraying at the pulse points of the body.

Everyone's body will have a point that indicates that their pulse is beating which is very suitable for choosing a point of spraying perfume that lasts Because of this area, our skin will be most moist. Including selection of points with blood circulating under the skin and having a pulse. It helps to enhance the fragrance under the skin as well. The heat from that point of the body absorbs more perfume than other points, making the perfume last longer. and diffuse better than ever. Recommended to spray on both wrists, behind the ears, between the neck, the navel, the middle of the chest and the  leg joint.

Focus on spraying at the pulse points of the body make the scent last longer than ever

3. Spray after shower

If you are going to suggest a time that should be sprayed with the most lasting perfume for long-lasting odor performance is the period after taking a shower Because a fresh shower is considered to help manage dead skin cells. and various impurities are completely removed with open pores When spraying perfume, it makes the perfume smell long lasting.

A time that should be sprayed with the most lasting perfume for long-lasting odor performance is the period after taking a shower


4. Use a moisturizer to help before spraying.

For anyone with very dry skin It is recommended to use additional moisturizers. Because dry skin will cause the smell of perfume to disappear faster than people with moist skin. Or anyone who wants to spray perfume after applying body lotion is finished. can be injected as needed But avoid choosing a strong-smelling lotion as it will make the fragrance smell good. Hit each other with the perfume from the lotion.


5. Spray perfume away from the body.

Very suitable for long-lasting perfumes with a high concentration of ingredients. It will be the nature of the injection in the front to be about 6 inches apart and quickly walk through the injection area quickly. The droplets will stick and spread more fully. Does not cause a pungent smell and makes the perfume last longer


6. Store perfume properly. quality to last

A simple foundation for long-lasting fragrances can be easily started by storing the perfume properly, such as placing it in an area with the right temperature, not exposed to sunlight, etc. When sprayed, it still smells impressive no matter which set. Any style meets


7. Choose to spray into the hair.

It is another way to help perfume last longer. Start by spraying into the comb. and then use the comb to use with their own hair It will help your hair smell good. Shaking your head in any direction, the scent dissipates. It is not recommended to spray perfume directly on the hair at all. Because it can dry out your hair.


However, if you want the perfume to last and use it effectively you must not forget to keep and take good care of each other so that both the smell and the product is still effective. It is recommended to keep away from sunlight, should not be kept in the room or in a refrigerator that is colder than 10 degrees Celsius, and close the lid completely. Importantly, You should not pour the perfume into another package too!.