Reveal 5 techniques to keep perfume last long. Use it until the last drop

It is undeniable that "perfume" is another item that many people must have to build a confidence. When passing by, there are only people who are impressed because of the fragrance. One thing that cannot be overlooked is how long the perfume lasts and lasts especially the scent that should always remain fragrant. Today, we would like to introduce 5 great techniques to preserve perfume that help the scent last longer.


5 techniques for keeping perfume last longer


1. Perfume should not be kept in the bathroom.


The first technique is not to put perfumed products in the bathroom. Some people may understand that putting it in the bathroom will help it last longer. because not exposed to sunlight Got the moisture from the water and the light was dark, but actually the bathroom itself was hot. and humidity that changes all the time causing the perfume molecules to break down, deteriorate, or mix with bacteria Therefore, it may not be able to use that perfume anymore. or the smell may not remain the same


2. Keep perfume away from sunlight.


for the preservation of perfume Should be kept away from or away from direct sunlight. It is recommended that it be placed in a drawer. Or in the wardrobe would be best. because of the location where sunlight shines The heat from the sun reacts very easily to deterioration, and the presence of ingredients such as alcohol and essential oils are completely unfavorable to heat. Therefore, it should be stored in a place away from sunlight.


3. It is not recommended to bring perfume near both heat and extreme cold

            As has just been suggested, heat has the potential to change the smell of perfume. Or the product itself may be different from the original. Keeping it in a cold refrigerator has the potential to cause the fragrance to smell bad as well. The ideal temperature for storage is generally between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. change the smell and appearance not suitable for use


4. Best to use the original product packaging.

Many people tend to split their fragrances out for use, especially when traveling long distances and want to carry a small package, or some choose to split it up for use during the day. Separating the perfume from its original packaging will reduce its effectiveness. Because every time you open the lid and then pour the change If the selected packaging is not suitable for your perfume It can cause problems with the chemicals. some reaction lead to deterioration faster than before. However, if you want to carry a compact product It should choose the right packaging for perfume packaging only. in order to make the smell still endure as much as possible


5. Close the perfume cap after every use.

The last point of the preservation technique is after you have finished using it. Don't forget to close the cap on the perfume packaging. I must admit that the weather outside is often not very strong with perfume. If air enters the package It tends to react more easily to deteriorate products. especially about the smell that has the opportunity to change from the original It's not something to use anymore.


For those who are obsessed with perfume or who use perfume regularly and do not want it to deteriorate before using it completely. It is recommended that these 5 techniques be applied. To reduce the chance of damage or the smell of your favorite perfume must be changed, however, you want to buy from a standardized source There is support from specialized agencies that have inspected the product for safety. Helps to use more confident Smells right and storage must be right as well.