6 Popular Types of SCENTED CANDLES

Having a great soothing atmosphere in your home is a good way to experience new things around ourselves.

As people are tending to work from home more frequently, our "scented candle" can helps to relief boredomness from the stressful work very well.

Our candles have a main feature of changing the smell in that area into a pleasant atmosphere instead.
Not only a high-class smell but we also help people to feel more relax as well.


Within this article, we have compiled 6 popular types of scented candles that are commonly used for home decoration.
Which one of them will suit you best? Let's go and see.


6 types of scented candle available in the market


1. Round shape scented candle

A round scented candles are also known as the 'Pillar Candle', these types of scented candles can be any circular-based form.
As some types have cylinders and other shapes according to the manufacturer's design which the size will be approziamtely 7-8 inches high.

The key feature is that it can be placed without any candlesticks or candle stand.
It can be placed at any corner of the room to adjust the atmosphere.


2. Scented candle sticks

Familiar type of scented candles because it looks like a candlestick that is commonly seen. Ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches in height.
They can be used for quite a long time and suitable for people who love it in classic way or want to emphasize the aesthetic mood of both the smell and the visual
Scented stick candles are very popular to decorate the dining table to make an impression on those special days. There are various scents to choose from according to each person's taste.


3. Glass cup scented candle

For this type of scented candles are created to look beautiful and put the candle wick into a glass container which helps to emphasize a good atmosphere to the room.
The main highlight is choosing the shape of the cup to be the design you want, such as round cups, wavy-shaped cups, cylindrical cups, etc. The interior decoration depends on the design and the creator.
The bottom is filled with a scented candle, while the top emphasizes the beauty. It can be set up at any point in order to add a great taste to your home.


4. Tealight scented candles

Tealight Candle is the smallest type of scented candle and is enclosed in an aluminum cup about half an inch tall. Most of these types of scented candles are popular to decorate with either other items to add value or to create a unique atmosphere, such as placing it in a glass jar, placing it on a lamp, placing it on fragrant herbs: coffee grounds, lemons.
This can help make your room looks more pleasant too.


5. Votive type scented candles

Votive Candle is another type of scented candle that is very popular. The style of this type of scented candle is similar to mixing a round scented candle and a glass cup scented candle into a cylindrical shape
The highlight is the beautiful colors and add fragrance according to the user's favorite scent. When placed in different areas, it helps to create a very relaxing atmosphere.


6. Floating scented candles

Finished off with a floating candle. This somehow resembles a small tealight candle, but what is actually different is the emphasis on the design of the candle to be beautiful by use interesting colors such as designs in the form of flowers, leaves, boats, etc., commonly used to decorate the atmosphere to make it look more impressive.
This float can either be floating in a beautiful tub or decorated in a pool. You can also use different water features to make your special day special.


Here are 6 types of scented candles that are commonly used to create a good atmosphere and help to relax.
You will notice that each type has its own strengths and how to use it differently depending on individual preferences. Find out which candles are best for creating suitable atmosphere and shop for one of the items for your home or you can surprise your beloved one as well.