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Two-Four-Nine: The three digits combination was nothing else but a flat number in Brighton; a place where my brother spent most of his time immersing himself in his work. It was a post-new year night, despite an unusual quietness of the city, to him, it was just another night spent working alone on an old oak desk with a dim single lightbulb. The cold salty breeze seeped through the window gap, combining with the sound of the waves hitting pebbles beach together with the cry of seagulls. The noises seemed to echo louder than usual with an absence of the crowd. Whilst others spent their night with their families and love ones, he chose to work by himself. An indescribable feeling arises in him, a glimpse of homesickness combines with the stillness of the moment. It was almost impossible to describe into words, only the scents and sounds captured the remnant of this lonesome night.

Experience the sweet scent with a fruity aroma invites you to be enthralled in the charm of the night. Experience the first note from the sweetness of blackcurrant and rose with the final note of white jasmine, soft and pleasant touch, blended with the unique woody scent. To create an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility for you to relax naturally. Our candles can light for approximately 50-60 hours. The candle comes with a matchstick and metal lid to extinguish the candle.

SCENT: Oriental

Top notes: Blackcurrant, Rose

Medium notes: Jasmine, Woody

Base notes: Musky, Amber

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