Maria x NEFERLOGNE Smoky Quartz Candle (260G)

1,800 THB

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Smokey Quartz resonates with a warm memory of my family trip to Cappadocia, Turkey.
Since my other two brothers and I got busier as we grew up, it was our family tradition to have an annual winter gathering at the end of every year. The holiday allowed us to spend full time together as a family, just like our old days when we were young. We all looked forward to this trip as we had been planning it for the whole year, especially both of our parents. Getting on a hot air balloon had always been on top of my parents’ bucket list ever since their young years.

After we landed, Cappadocia was the first stop we had to stay overnight for a balloon ride early next morning. The place we stayed was breathtaking. The hotel was located in a long mountainous cave with several chambers.
After a long journey, we spent our first night chatting away in front of the fireplace. My little brother and I tucked ourselves under a blanket on a brown leather couch, having a long catch-up session with a cup of hot chocolate in my brother’s hand and a glass of honey whiskey for my dad. It was us five in the living room, embracing the coziness and a warm family moment we longed for.

Feel the aura of warmth like traveling back in time to a special festival or the atmosphere of a coffee shop filled with enchanting charm. Discover the unique scent of variegated woods that give you an invigorating freshness with the first touch of bergamot as sweet as a fairy tale. And the fresh smell of white flowers blooms with a pleasant aroma of coffee and vanilla with cool vetiver and soft musk. Before finishing with a charming cedarwood scent and the warm amber scent, you were back with the person you love again. Tear off all the monotonous rules of your masculine scent identity. A sense of sobriety as deeply as yourself. Our candles can light for approximately 50-60 hours. The candle comes with a matchstick and metal lid to extinguish the candle.

SCENT: Woody, Fresh

Top notes: Bergamot, White Flowers

Medium Notes: Coffee, Mocha, Vanilla, Vetyver, Musky

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Leathery, Patchouly

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