When The Stocks Go Green (10ML)

550 THB

Tells a based-on-true story of a man, who decided to take a big leap of faith. After several years of toleration, he finally decided to quit his passionless, monotonous, nine-to-five job. With some research and high hopes, he invested his only saving, the money he earned throughout the years of hard work, into the stocks market; not knowing that he about to take a step onto the longest roller coaster ride. The first two months were devastating. The despair plunge of (-80%) in the market not only caused him sleepless nights and regrets but there was no sign of silver lining of hope; until one morning.
The morning of the first of April started just like a normal morning, same old excessive intake of caffeine, and of course, checking the screen and hoping for the best.
As if it was a part of April-Fools pranks, the screen showed green numbers with plus signs.
His heart beats faster and faster as if it was about to pop out from his chest; one of the values went over 300 percent! There was a mixture of feeling arise within these split seconds, ranging from an extreme confusion, rather like a shock, to an overwhelming relief and happiness. “Was this a joke?” he mumbled to himself whilst refreshing the webpage over and over again. It was almost like a moment of victory he had been longing for. A moment worth celebrates with a good bottle of wine and dancing to his favorite records.

Experience classy scents with premium fragrances selected from ingredients worldwide that are certified by the International Perfume Association (IFRA). Discover the fresh notes of grapefruit and mandarin peel as beautiful as the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea with a touch of the second note, from the delicately scented laurel leaf and white jasmine to the charming cedarwood and patchouli. The perfume can last up to 12 hours.


Top notes: Grapefruit, Calone, Mandarin

Medium notes: Laurel, Jasmine, Cedarwood

Base notes: Gaiac wood, patchouly, dry amber

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