Take a Sip (260g)

1,800 THB

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After a long hectic week, It was about time for a self-pampering night. Taking off those pairs of high-heels as soon as I went inside my front door was such a liberating moment. Imagine the pain that those 4-inch-pumps had caused my feet walking from one meeting to the other throughout the day.
I went straight to the bathroom and run myself a nice warm bubble bath. Whist waiting for the tub to be filled, I lit up some candles to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.
It neither a special night nor an important occasion to celebrate, but I wouldn’t hesitate to open a good bottle of champagne, just for myself.
As I sink myself through a thick fluffy layer of bubbles and into the warm cozy bath, I was indulging the refreshing taste of the champaigne, allowing this therapeutic moment to recharge my energy.

Immerse yourself on a special night in a mystical atmosphere. Travel to a beautiful pine forest full of happiness and memories. Experience the freshness of hazelnuts that combine with the sweet aroma of luxury and the white jasmine flowers that bloom blended with the scent of oak, which is full of charm. You can enjoy sipping a glass of wine by the fireplace on a tiring day. Our candles can light for approximately 50-60 hours. The candle comes with a matchstick and metal lid to extinguish the candle.

SCENT: Floral

Top notes: Hazel Nut

Medium notes: Cedar, Jasmine

Base notes: Oak

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